GCA’s recent experience in this broad sector means we can deliver quality services to companies looking at expanding their businesses internationally. We have high level government and private sector network partners across Asia (focussing on Thailand, Vietnam, China and Japan), Europe and the US. Our experience includes Automotive manufacturing and components supply, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging, Plastics, Furniture, Food processing and General Engineering. From identifying quality local JV partners to advising on establishing standalone entities and appropriate business models and asset management systems GCA International is a cost effective and essential partner for your business.


Agribusiness, Food and Beverage

Specializing in inwards and outwards investment and trade with a focus on Beef/Cattle, Grains, Dairy and Dairy Products, Horticulture, Aquaculture and related sectors. GCA International travels the globe identifying and advising on investment and off-take opportunities in the wider Agribusiness sector. We consult to companies and traders looking to secure up-stream supply for new markets and identifying investment models and joint venture partners in this dynamic industry sector.

green energy

Green Technology and Building Solutions

Renewable energy large and small scale, Energy Saving solutions, Bio-Mass and Bio-fuel, Green Building Design, Project Management and related technologies, Waste Management, Recycling solutions, Government and Private Sector lobbying and regulatory advice and consultancy including tender bid planning and preparation. GCA International has the right contacts & relationships across key markets such as South East and wider Asia, USA, Australia and Europe.


General Management Consulting

With a strong global network of industry, financial and professional network partners GCA can undertake management audits, process analysis, best practice requirements for certification and standards, process re-engineering and change management and corporate structure advice and strategy.  We rely on a team of seasoned in country professionals with many years experience across a range of sectors globally. A strong understanding of local protocols, work practices and cultural differences gives us the edge in this area.



GCA offers experience in infrastructure consulting services focusing on transport (road, rail, sea, air) traditional and renewable energy – production and distribution, water management, mining, tunnelling construction, telecoms, Investment, partnering, tendering, private sector and government lobbying and representation, regulatory advice and consultancy across growing international markets.

bus managment

Consumer Marketing and Communication

GCA covers - brand management and strategy development, market expansion, new market access, traditional, online and mobile marketing solutions.  We also have expertise in new-media consulting and analysis and identification of effective technology solutions. We have experience in domestic and foreign market customer management, customer acquisition and retention including importers, wholesalers, retailers and access to multi distribution channels and chains, franchising and new market entry and market expansion strategy and development.


Information Technology & Communications

Our capability includes network development, customer-end and supplier solutions for fixed, mobile and data networks, public large scale networks, local networks and intranets, wireless solutions including platforms, billing and data management. GCA services in this sector include consultancy and advice to governments, agencies and the private sector on web presence, ISP’s, domain names and locators, local and foreign market regulations and processes.


Branding and Brand Management

GCA International’s service spans domestic and foreign markets and includes analysis and planning on how that brand is positioned in the market, analysis on demographic-based brand targeting and maintaining a desired reputation of the brand in market. Relationship development with targeted customers is an essential part of quality brand management. Tangible elements of brand management include the product itself, positioning (from a user and competitor point of view) packaging, price and ‘feel’. A dedicated GCA brand manager would oversee all of these elements to drive the success of your brand in the desired market.

luxury brand

Luxury Brands

We specialize in Italian and English luxury brands across Fashion, Marine, Automotive and Design. GCA International can provide services including representation, new market brand positioning management, distribution and licensing, manufacturing quality control and auditing, identification of in- market partners including investors, licensees, distributors and manufacturers.